London is a great, global city filled with amazing sights, impressive buildings, and great cultural activities. Every Christmas, though, the city dresses up in its finest clothes and reaches a new level of beauty. In this blog, we’re going to tell you about Christmas in London, that magical time of year where our city lights up.

Carnaby Street and Oxford Street Lights

In the 1960s Carnaby Street was the centre of London’s fashion scene, but today it’s better known for its dazzling display of Christmas lights. If you walk down Oxford Street in December and turn into Carnaby Street, you’ll be greeted all along the way by gorgeous, shimmering lights that can put anyone into the Christmas spirit.

carnaby christmas

Winter Wonderland

Going a bit further down the street to Regent’s Park, you’ll find a newer Christmas tradition that has become one of London’s most popular attractions. Winter Wonderland is a great place to play games, grab a sausage and beer, jump on fun fair rides, and ice skate. Where else can you find all this winter and Christmas fun in one place?

Christmas Markets

All around the city, whether in Southbank or Leicester Square, you can find quaint and fun Christmas Markets. These are great places to find unique Christmas gifts for your loved ones or to enjoy a tasty hot chocolate while walking through beautifully decorated, festive stalls.

market london christmas


Finally, a fun (and very typically English) tradition at this time of year are Pantos, short for pantomime. These are silly, comical plays that are loved by the whole family. Pantos are a staple of the West End in London. They are traditional and popular stories with humour that is suitable for kids, but which also contain secret, hidden jokes for adults. This year check out “Cinderella” in Drury Lane or “A Christmas Carol” a little bit closer to home in Alexandra Palace. You’ll laugh until you cry.

plantos london

This Christmas explore London and see all that it has to offer during this wonderful season!