Three Charitable Organisations in North London That We Love

Three Charitable post

When it comes to helping others, it can be overwhelming to think about all of the terrible things happening in the world. It can sometimes seem like there’s too much work to do to fix every humanitarian problem in the world. Instead of losing hope, though, it’s important to focus on what you can do. Think locally, act locally. With that in mind, here are three charitable organisations in North London that you can support.

Edible London

This is an organisation that we’ve mentioned before on our social media feeds. Their goal is to redefine our relationship with food. There are so many people, even in a wealthy country like the UK, who struggle to feed themselves and their family properly. Edible London is focused on every aspect of the food cycle from growing food, to making communities stronger and more united, and preventing waste.

North London Cares

One of the biggest problems in modern society is loneliness among the elderly. Older people in our society aren’t respected like they were in the past and, especially because of the Covid-19 lockdown, loneliness and isolation are becoming a very big problem. North London Cares’ mission is to help the elderly stay connected and develop friendships with a group of young volunteers. We’ve written before about the importance of friendship, and that’s no different for the elderly.

North London Action For The Homeless

The last charity on our list is North London Action For The Homeless. They run a drop-in centre in which homeless people can go for support and good, healthy food. Like Edible London, NLAH has their own garden from which they use produce to make high-quality meals, but they also focus on the feelings of isolation and loneliness that the homeless feel.

When it comes to helping and making a difference, time is as good as money. Rolling up your sleeves, getting to work and volunteering can make a big difference in the community. To be a humanitarian you don’t have to solve all of the world’s problems and you don’t have to have millions of pounds. Start small and help the people around you.


Match the bold words in the article to their definition below

  1. (adj.) having a great deal of money, resources, or assets; rich.
  2. (n.) a person who promotes and tries to improve people’s lives.
  3. (v.) to give a new meaning to something.
  4. (idiom) prepare to fight or work.
  5. (n.) agricultural and other natural products.
  6. (prep.) occurring in, or shared by, members in a group or community.
  7. (adj.) when an emotion is too strong.e
  1. Wealthy
  2. Humanitarian
  3. Redefine
  4. Roll up your sleeves
  5. Produce
  6. Among
  7. Overwhelming