Changing Habits

Changing Habits

When you’re locked in the house for almost four straight months, it can completely change how you do things. Your everyday routine is thrown out the window, you lose some old habits, and you pick up new ones in their place. How have you changed during the lockdown? Has it been a positive or negative change? This is a blog about how many people have changed their habits for the better since Covid quarantine began. We hope Inglans find it inspirational and change their lives!

Diet and Exercise

Many people have used these last few months to develop new, positive habits. Whether it’s Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, or some other diet completely, people have become more focused on what they’re eating in lockdown. Maybe it’s because so many people are stuck indoors that focusing on what’s in their fridge, and what they’re putting into their body, is an obvious reaction. Or maybe, this pandemic has shaken people out of their old habits and made them rethink how they’re living their life. The same goes for exercise. When the government says it’s only okay to go outside to exercise, lots of people suddenly become exercise fanatics. Even people who had never exercised before were now hitting the streets in shorts, neon-pink headbands, and brand new trainers to walk, run or jog for miles. True, for some it was just a way to get out of the house when a good reason was needed to leave the house, but hopefully for many people it was the start of a healthy, new habit.

Learning New Skills

When your whole world is reduced to just four walls, some people start to focus inward on themselves. Others, though, try to expand their horizons and look beyond their everyday life and immediate surroundings. During lockdown, many people have started to use their extra free time to learn new skills. Have you noticed on social media how everyone is making sourdough bread? And that’s not all. People are trying their hand at everything from carpentry to learning a new instrument, and whether they’re learning how to make a dovetail joint or strum their way through a folk song on the guitar, these are the types of changes that are likely to last when life returns to normal. After all, unlike a diet or exercise routine, if you properly learn how to do a new skill, you’re not likely to soon forget. Learning expands your brain permanently. This is also true for learning languages. It seems like everyone is studying a language online. Some people have chosen apps, but Inglans around the world are taking online English lessons with It’s been a great way to continue learning English when you might otherwise be in a house where you never hear or speak English. Our students are still working towards their goals of having a better job (and preparing for a Cambridge exam to show future employers) or studying at university (and getting ready for the IELTS, which is the key that opens this door).

How have your habits changed since the Covid lockdown began? Are you being healthier and learning new things? Or have your habits changed for the worse? Maybe you’re someone whose life hasn’t changed much. For many people who works at supermarkets, at takeaways, and as carers, nurses, or doctors, life has been very much the same or even busier. We’d love to hear about how your habits have changed (or stayed the same). Tell us in the comments, or on social media!