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Host Family (HomeStay) accommodation across London

All host families are pre visited, experienced in hosting overseas students and have been specially selected by Hosts International. They are situated in residential areas of London. London is a large city with 8 zones and everyone travels by public transport, tube, bus or trains. Most people live in zone 3,4,5 and the average travel is 45 minutes from the city centre and travelling between 30-60 minutes daily is very normal.

With every family, you can be assured of:


  • A private bedroom (Maybe Single, Double or Twin) You may request a twin shared room if you are two persons travelling together who wish to live together
  • The bedroom with natural light, with an adequately sized bed (Bunk beds maybe used for Under 18 year old students)
  • Adequate Heating and Lightning
  • Adequate hanging and drawer space and storage for clothes
  • A table/desk and chair for study in your room
  • Laundry access once a week
  • A key to the house (for Adults only)
  • A change of towels and bed linen weekly in keeping with the family household routine
  • Access to bathroom, with bath or shower, daily
  • Use of the family home
  • English as a main language spoken in the family home
  • Meals together – remember most families work so you must agree meal times with the family if you want to eat together and interact
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Meal plans

Students can choose:


  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Breakfast & Evening meal
  • Breakfast, Evening meal & Packed lunch


Our families offer bed & breakfast (BB) or bed, breakfast & evening meal (HB). The bed & breakfast package includes a continental style breakfast consisting of cereal, toast, tea/coffee etc. Half board includes continental breakfast and a cooked dinner consisting of a main course of meat/fish with pasta/ rice/vegetables/salad followed by a dessert or yoghurt or fruit. Meals are usually eaten with the family unless otherwise arranged and special diets such as vegetarian, halal and other requirements can be catered for; please specify these at the time of booking. We also offer a self-catering option, where students can prepare their own evening meal, in line with household rules and timings. The students will be given storage space in the kitchen/fridge for their own food and drink for breakfast and evening meal. Our families also offer groups full board consisting of three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and half board with a packed lunch containing a sandwich, fruit, drink, and a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate.


Two choices of homestay accommodation available:

Option 1

Standard Homestay Zone 3-4 Accommodation


These families are situated in a suburban location mostly in zone 3 or 4 of the London underground network and most homes are larger with gardens and offer good transport links to the city centre. Families offer Bed & Breakfast (B+B), Half Board (HB – breakfast and evening meal), B+B with use of kitchen, HB with packed lunch and self-catering. The student has the use of the house as a family member and there is a laundry service available once a week. Usual travel time is 30-60 minutes, average 45. In general terms, homes in outer London zones 3-4 offer larger family homes and better accommodation therefore, the majority of overseas students find this package ideal giving the right combination of reasonably priced, quality accommodation.


Option 2

Superior Homestay Zone 2-3 Accommodation


These families offer the same range of services as standard accommodation but are all in zone 2 or 3 of London with a short journey time to the chosen college or university. We do offer some homestays in central London (zone 1) but please note that zone 1 is mostly a commercial area where there are fewer host families. You can check availability and request. Superior homes are higher priced homes due to their location and quality.

Benefits of booking with us

  • Guaranteed availability year round
  • In case of complaint, solution within 24 hours, if no solution, move at no charge to another homestay
  • BC registered partner for safety and protection of students
  • Accommodation options for all ages from aged 14 upwards
  • DBS police checked families for under 18s.
  • Accommodation for Groups (10 or more students in group areas)


Booking Procedure

Please apply to the office with an application form, you should receive a confirmation of the accommodation within 48 hours with the family profile, location, family information/occupation/photos. Once you accept, the address will be confirmed. The accommodation is held for 48 hours only for your decision.


Complaints Procedure

If you have any comments, you are always welcome to talk to us. We will hope to resolve any issues within 24 hours. If we cannot resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, we will guarantee you new accommodation by the end of that week.


Cancellation procedure

If you cancel your accommodation before arrival, you must give one week’s notice. If you do not, you will be charged one week accommodation fee. After arrival, if you wish to cancel, you must give 2 weeks notice. If you wish to change for a valid reason, please discuss with the office.


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