A Life in Photographs

A Life in Photographs

This week is World Photography Week and it’s been a great chance to scroll through our Instagram posts, or – if we are more ‘old-school’ – flick through photo albums in our parents’ attic! Photographs can hold so much – that overwhelming joy of a parent with their first child, the sun-bleached day at the beach eating salty chips or those deafening days in the park with teenage friends at a rock music concert. 


Here’s a look through Ingla’s photo album! What a year it has been!


One to One Lessons

One to One lessons are a great way to focus on your learning needs. These lessons often happen off-site or online, and are designed to work alongside your schedule.


Ingla Pub Trip (June 2019)

Ingla’s Pub Trips are a great way to chat with classmates and the Ingla Team in a genuine and social way. People come for the whole evening, or drop by on their way home from work. 


Ingla’s Enrichment Boat Trip on the Thames River (July 2019)

London is a city built on a river, so what better way to see around than from the water? Inglans love to get out to see the city as tourists!


Ingla’s Enrichment Trip to Portobello Road (July 2019) 

Portobello Road is a famous shopping street in London – brilliant for picking up some bargains!


Ingla’s Enrichment Trip – Tower Bridge (November 2019)

Did you know? – When Tower Bridge in London was built, it was the biggest and most complex bridge of its kind! It was great for Inglans to see this famous landmark up close.


Ingla’s Brazilian Night (December 2019) 

It’s great fun to celebrate our wide range of cultures in Ingla! At this event, we heard rhythmic Brazilian music and learned some new dance moves!


Ingla’s End of term Party (December 2019)

We mark the end of each term with a party – a chance to relax and celebrate all our hard work learning!


Ingla’s International Food Day (December 2019)

We all have our favourite food from our home country – our International Food Days are a great way to share our cultures. 



London Life! – Just like the locals, we make use of the famous London Underground train system to get around. And Turnpike Lane Underground Station is just 1 minute away from the Ingla School!


Ingla’s Enrichment Trip to Winter Wonderland (December 2019)

Steaming hot chocolate, great laughs and bright lights – a typical London Winter!


General English Class at Ingla (January 2020)

Group classes are a superb way to improve your English skills with others. At Ingla, we love the mix of personalities and cultures that make each class group different.



New reception area in Ingla

Welcome back to school! (August 2020)

We’ve made some changes, and it’s great to be able to welcome students back into the Ingla School building!


Ingla School of English is proud to be in London – so of course we need a photo with a phone box!