8 Cheap Valentine’s Date Ideas for Inglans

8 Cheap Valentine’s Date Ideas for Inglans

The sun is finally starting to come out, and now that Valentine’s Day has come, romance is in the air. 

Some Inglans might have a special someone with whom to spend their day. However, not everyone can afford to eat out at a fancy restaurant. If you’re a little short of money, here are eight great date ideas that will keep both your partner and your wallet happy!


1. Going Window-Shopping

Nobody will charge you to look through a shop window. If your partner is as short of cash as you are, why not spend an afternoon window-shopping in Covent Garden?


2. Going People-Watching

Perhaps that man with the strange hat is an alien in disguise? Perhaps that woman on her phone is on her way to save the world? Find an outdoor café table with your loved one and let your imaginations run wild.


3.Visiting an Escape Room

Escape Rooms are places where you must work together to solve puzzles and escape from being trapped. Most in London are cheap, so get down there with your partner and prove what a great team you are.


4.Volunteering Together

Helping people costs nothing. Whether you want to help the homeless or vulnerable animals, or even pick up litter, spending Valentine’s Day helping someone else can help bring you together.


5.Visiting a Cat Café

Are you or your partner a cat lover? Get yourself a cappuccino and spend the day with some furry friends in one of London’s cat cafes.


6.Taking In The Views

London is a beautiful place to be. Since tickets for the Sky Garden on Fenchurch Street are cheap, and you can climb the London Monument for only £4, there’s no reason not to take in some of the city’s best views together.


7.Having a Picnic In Finsbury Park

It’s free to relax in a public park. Buy some cheap food and champagne in a supermarket, spread out a towel on the grass, and chill out together for a few hours.


8.Having a Quiet Night In

If you’re with the right person, who needs to go out anyway? Turn off your phones, dig out your favourite movies or board games, and spend a wonderful evening in each other’s company.