So you’ve just moved to London. It can be very easy to feel at sea in a city of close to nine million people! There are also so many chances to experience new things that you can end up feeling just a little bit lost and overloaded! But don’t worry – here are 5 important things you can do in London, which will help you settle in – the city will feel like home before you know it!


1. Find the right place to live!


London is, of course, a very expensive city. But you’d be surprised how many affordable places to live you can find if you look hard enough! Have a look on some flat and house-sharing websites, such as Nestpick and SpareRoom, to find the place that’s just right for you.


However, you also need to be careful here, as there are many scammers about : never pay a deposit before you’ve seen the room, and ask to be introduced to the landlord directly if you can!


2.Get to know your local area!


In a city as big as London, it’s a fair bet that everything you need to survive will be in your local area. Once you’ve found your place to live, scope out what’s in the local area – finding your local supermarket, underground and bus stations, and cash point. You always need to know where to get the essential things – such as food, cash, and basic household supplies! You also might not be too far away from one of London’s famous parks : maybe Finsbury Park, Regents’ Park , or, if you can afford it, even Hyde Park!

3.Take the bus!


Yes, it’s true – the underground will generally get you where you want to go a bit faster. But if you’re willing to risk the traffic, the bus lets you take in the views of your new home like nothing else – especially if you grab a window seat on the top floor of a double-decker! Spend a day riding the bus around the city – you’ll be surprised how much you’ll see!


4.Make some friends!


Amongst the millions of people who call the city home, it’s very easy to become ‘lost in a crowd’ – and Londoners certainly don’t like being approached out of the blue! But there are many ways that you can meet new people. Seeing as last week was International Dance Day, why not join a dance class, or, if exercise is more your thing, a running club or local football team? Fortune favours the brave! 


5.Find the nearest pub!


Speaking of being brave – one of the best ways to meet new people is over a pint! It’s almost guaranteed that there will be a pub in your local area – and seeing as they’re open again now (at least for drinks outside), it would be a great idea to step inside! Dive in, buy the first round, and you’ll be sharing stories and part of your local community before you know it!


Of course, improving your English vocabulary will help you out here : why not take the chance to learn some new vocabulary from this blog post!

Find the words in bold that mean the things below.

  1. Unexpectedly (adverbial phrase) 
  2. Something very likely (noun phrase)
  3. Someone who tricks you to get your money (noun) 
  4. A bus with two floors! (noun) 
  5. Feel at home somewhere (phrasal verb) 
  6. Most of the time (adverb) 
  7. Having to deal with too much (adjective) 
  8. Get used to a place (phrasal verb) 
  9. Lost and confused (adjectival phrase) 
  10. Certain (adjective) 
  11. People living together (noun) 
  12. Explore a place (phrasal verb) 
  1. Unexpectedly (adverbial phrase) – out of the blue
  2. Something very likely (noun phrase) – a fair bet
  3. Someone who tricks you to get your money (noun) – a scammer
  4. A bus with two floors! (noun) – a double-decker
  5. Feel at home somewhere (phrasal verb) – settle in
  6. Most of the time (adverb) – generally
  7. Having to deal with too much (adjective) – overloaded
  8. Get used to a place (phrasal verb) – settle in
  9. Lost and confused (adjectival phrase) – at sea
  10. Certain (adjective) – guaranteed
  11. People living together (noun) – community
  12. Explore a place (phrasal verb) – scope out