Welcome to Ingla School of English

Ingla is a modern, warm and vibrant English language school in North London that offers small classes and an intimate learning environment. We teach English not just as a language but as an experience – learning is immersive using real life scenarios to enable our students to be confident in any situation. Our team is enthusiastic, dynamic and supportive – we go above and beyond to make our students’ experience in London as successful, rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


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#Possessives and #plural possessives.

#Grammar #London #apostrophe #pluralnouns

Have you watched the #IAmHaringey short film yet? It celebrates some of the best bits of our borough (though we know there are many more out there!) Share your highlights. https://t.co/3Lj9hyKOAC

Two great #enrichment events this week to #practiseEnglish. At 10am on Friday, 26 January we're going to the Guildhall to learn about #London's history.

At 7pm we have Supper Club at Spanish tapas restaurant Llerena on #UpperStreet. Come and enjoy the best ham in North London!

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