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Ingla is a modern, warm and vibrant English language school in North London that offers small classes and an intimate learning environment. We teach English not just as a language but as an experience – learning is immersive using real life scenarios to enable our students to be confident in any situation. Our team is enthusiastic, dynamic and supportive – we go above and beyond to make our students’ experience in London as successful, rewarding and enjoyable as possible.


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Expand your #vocabulary by using these #adjectives instead of 'very'.

#LearnEnglish #London


#English #learners everywhere are confused about #prepositions.

An easy way to understand when to use these common prepositions is that 'in' is general, 'on' is more specific and 'at' is very specific.

#grammar #learnEnglish #London

A #contraction is two words made #shorter by putting an #apostrophe where letters have been omitted. Contractions are more often used in #conversational #English.

#grammar #London

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